Once the pipeline logic has been deployed, the next step is to make it available to use either by displaying it as an api or enabling the scheduled processing, etc.
The pipeline publishing process to test or production is simple:

1. Click on Runtime at the upper menu

In runtime, you will access all deployed services both in dev and prod

2. Select the environment (test or prod)

3. Click on "criar uma nova implantação" [create a new deployment]

4. Select the pipeline you wish to deploy

5. Select the pipeline version you want to deploy

it is possible to maintain different versions of the same pipeline deployed

6. Select the number of replicas you wish to deploy

you can think that a replica would work as an extra processing thread for its pipeline logic

7. Select the capacity that your pipeline must support

For pipelines that do not require large computing capacity (memory and CPU), the option "Small" can be used.

8. Click on confirm

Presto! Your pipeline has been deployed! 

Start time: 20-05-2019 04:32:13

To know more details about the deployment (such as publishing endpoint url), click on the above deployment card:

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