• Google Drive: can be configured to list, upload and download, delete and move objects from Google Drive to the pipeline and vice-versa. To read the article about this connector, click here



  • Kafka: the message consumption is possible when we use triggers that make subscription on Kafka. Click here and know this specific trigger better.

  • Allow Redelivery: this advanced configuration can be applied to any trigger to determine if the pipeline must reprocess discarded or lost messages. 



It’s possible to access particular details (metadata.execution.key, metadata.execution.timeout, metadata.execution.startTimestamp and metadata.execution.redelivery) from the pipelines execution through the Double Braces metadata context. 



We’ve improved some mechanisms of the pipelines execution engine:

  • Messages processing: the message expiration time is no longer affected, since the Pipeline Engine doesn’t prematurely remove the messages to be processed. Click here and know more by reading our article. 

  • Pipeline startup time: the infrastructure waits for the Pipeline Engine availability before enabling the triggers access for it.

  • Pipeline crashes: the pipeline is automatically restarted when it’s out of memory (OOM). 



The status STARTING is applied in the Runtime screen to pipelines whose deployment is in progress. When the deployment is finished, the ACTIVE or ACTIVE BUT DEGRADED status indicate the pipelines are available. 



The color palette application in our buttons generates more familiarity between the pages of the system and eases the components identification. 


We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Rest / HTTP / HTTP-File Trigger: now it’s possible to build flows that receive custom tokens in the Authorization header when you don’t want to use the Digibee JWT mechanism. To do that, disable the JWT option in the trigger configuration.

  • Scheduler Trigger: in rare situations, there could be duplications in the pipeline execution. A protection mechanism has been added to stop it from happening. Would you like to know more about his trigger? Click here to read our article. 

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