• CSV To Excel: a new functionality in this connector allows you to add multiple sheets inside a new or pre-existing Excel file. Would you like to know more about CSV To Excel? Click here to access our article.

  • REST Connector V2: a new support added to this connector allows calls to the Google API services, such as Translate, Vision, Machine Learning, among others, to be made through the use of a service account key of your Google Cloud project registered as an Digibee account. To know more about, click here.

We’ve also fixed a bug:

  • Choice: we’ve solved an issue in the labels validation that incorrectly considered a Choice paths repetition.

⚠ Existing pipelines using CSV To Excel

The Excel file name receiving has been changed (property: EXCEL FILE NAME) and it impacts the fileName property output of the connector. Please, change the parameter to provide the Excel file full name with the fileName.xlsx extension before deploying the pipeline.

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