• DB Connector V2: improvements in the connector allow you to make batch transactions through batch mode. To read our updated article about DB Connector V2, click here.


We’ve made updates so that you can add new data related to the registered users, including name and timezone. Besides, we’ve added a security layer in the token to decrease the expiration time to 30 days only.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Soap Connector V2: we’ve expanded the capacity of the connector for you to use accounts with a certificates chain.

  • Google Drive Connector: we’ve corrected an issue that wouldn’t allow the removal of files when the DELETE function was selected.

  • JMS Trigger: now the consumers are returned to the pool when a the connection with the broker is lost.

  • Login: we’ve corrected the presentation of messages that provide guidance about the password filling.

  • Users Management: the user status isn’t hidden anymore and the “First Access” and “Forgot Your Password?” processes are free of errors.

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