We’d like to share some improvements and news:


  • CMS Connector: the new component allows you to sign payloads and fields, on top of verifying signatures in the CMS cryptography standard. You can click here to understand the concept of Cryptographic Message Syntax. And to know more about the connector, click here and read our article.


  • Kerberos: we’ve created a new type of account so that you can configure the principal and the keytab.


The most recent versions of all the database connectors support the Kerberos-type authentication. If you want to use this type of authentication, get in touch with our support team.


  • Accounts: now you can inform more than one account in REST Connector V2 and in Soap Connector V2, bringing more flexibility and safety in the use permission through Double Braces. Click here to read our article about the subject.


Improvement in the Platform allow you to reactivate removed users. Besides, the login can be integrated with your own Identity Provider (AD) through SAML V2, broadening the management capacity of the Platform.

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