We’d like to share some improvements and news:


  • REST Connector V2: we’ve inserted to the connector the capacity to send file in the request body.

  • CMS Connector: when the ENCAPSULATED option is enable, the content of the specified fields (SIGN FIELDS option) our of the payload (SIGN option) is included in the signed message.

  • RabbitMQ Connector: we’ve developed a new component so that you can publish messages in a RabbitMQ queue. To know more about the component, click here and read our article.

  • OneDrive Connector: we’ve updated the connector with the last version of Microsoft SDK and included new functionalities, such as LIST, SEARCH, pagination, among others.


We’ve developed 2 new functions with Double Braces so that you can confirm the existence of a file (FILEEXISTS) and the size of a file (FILESIZE). Click here to read our article and understand these functions better.


We’ve updated the Microsoft OAuth (oauth-2) authentication flow to the latest version.


We’ve came up with the integrated authentication, that allows you not only to centralize the access control,but also to include and exclude your collaborators from our Platform in your identity provider. If you’re interested in activating this solution, get in touch with us via chat.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Stream DB Connector V3 / DB Connector V2: parameters values are now substituted according to the order presented in Double Braces.

  • Mongo DB Connector: the values generated by the ObjectID objects constructor are being shown in the correct way when applied in attributes different from “_id”.

  • Double Braces: we’ve fixed a Double Braces interpretation error that was happening during the evaluation of multiple expressions in an unique property (in particular, when using the UUID function multiple times).

  • User Status: now the recently-created user gets the “Redefine password” status.

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