We’d like to share some improvements and news:


  • DB Connector V2: the new functionality rollback is supported in batch mode and is applicable when at least one error occurs in the execution. Besides, the list of errors is shown if there’s any failure during the execution in batch. To understand better how this new functionality can help you to use this component, click here to read our article.

  • REST Connector V2: we’ve added support to AWS-4 account types so that you can authenticate in the AWS service, such as Lambda and DynamoDB, that you wish to use through the REST Connector V2 calls. To know it better, click here.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • DB Connector V2: we’ve adjusted the exhibition of the batch mode execution status when failures occur in the use of the Oracle database. We’ve also adjusted an issue configuration screen of this component, that used to exclude the correct item in the “Type Properties” session.

  • Pipelines: we’ve fixed the problem that wouldn’t allow a new version of the pipeline to be created from another one that was archived.

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