We’d like to share some improvements and news:


  • REST Connector V2: you can download files through REST Connector V2 calls, being also able to immediately transform them to base64, binary format or raw content reading. Besides, now the component allows the use of HTTP 1.1 protocol to be forced during the call. To read the article about REST Connector V2, just click here.


  • Email Trigger V2: we’ve created a new version of the trigger that, on top of improving the functionalities of its previous version, now supports attachments receival. Click here to read the article about Email Trigger V2.


  • Images: the Platform illustrations and icons are in vetorial format. With that, the images have more quality and the uploading time decreases.


We’re always investing in the Digibee Platform visual experience improvement.

This time, you’ll see the changes in:

  • pipelines listing screen

  • historical version

  • Runtime screen

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Stream Excel Connector: the component now correctly reads numbers with floating dots.

  • Two-factor authentication: we’ve adjusted a temporary error that wouldn’t let users to go for the two-factor authentication to login to the Platform.

  • OAuth 2: we’ve eliminated the access issue to the OAuth 2 services that would occur in some pipeline redeployment cases.

  • “File” property: we’ve corrected a problem that wouldn’t let your pipeline to return a property called “file”.

  • Components tooltip: we’ve eliminated the problem that would present an incorrect message [Object object] in the components tooltips in every screen.

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