We’d like to share some improvements and news:


  • Kafka Connector: Kafka Connector now has support for Kerberos authentication. To read the article about the component, click here.

  • DB Connectors: the Platform allows the use of Postgres database for batch mode operations.


  • Kafka Trigger: Kafka Trigger also supports Kerberos authentication. Click here to read the article about it.


We’ve made improvements that reduced the time to save too-big pipelines.


We’ve added the possibility to restore removed permissions from users.


We’re always investing in the Digibee Platform visual experience improvement.

This time, you’ll see the changes in the:

  • users management screen

  • audit screen

  • triggers icons

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Runtime: today you can define an arbitrary number for the concurrent executions quantity.

  • FTP Connector: we’ve corrected the issue that wouldn’t return the file name when a list in remote directories was made in FTPs server that weren’t UNIX, because now it’s possible to select the operating system of the FTP server.

  • OneDrive Connector: we’ve eliminated the error that wouldn’t upload files with more than 4MB.

  • SOAP Connector: we’ve fixed a problem in the “Remove Namespaces from XML” flag, that wouldn’t remove the namespace from the XML when the endpoint returned an error message.

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