• Presentation: the components are listed with more friendly names.


  • Google: the Google provider has been updated to allow the same Google account to be used in different accounts with identical scopes without causing undue expiration. To enjoy this news, update your account.


We’re always investing in the Digibee Platform visual experience improvement.

This time, you’ll see the changes in the:


  • Two Factor management

  • Password change


  • API Keys

  • Globals

  • Accounts

  • Relations

  • Multi-instance


  • General view

  • Logs

With that, the experience on all the screens is renewed.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Forgot password: we’ve made adjustments in the error indications so that you know when the link of the “Forgot my password” function expired.

  • Components configuration: we’ve corrected a problem that caused incorrect component settings to appear in some unusual situations.

  • Pipeline execution: we’ve eliminated the Zip File Closed error that would occur after the pipelines deployment, in the first executions.

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