We’d like to share some improvements and news:


  • REST Connector: the sensitive fields are respected in the component, preventing undue information exposure.

  • MongoDB Connector: you can perform an aggregation in this component by using the “$merge” and “$out” operations.

  • CSV to JSON V2: the new version of this component supports Double Braces. To know more about CSV to JSON V2, click here.


We’ve made adjustments in some functions:

  • JOIN: accepts to receive an array of strings

  • AND and OR: accept multiple parameters

  • TOINT, TODOUBLE and TOFLOAT: don’t return error when receiving the null parameter

Besides, we’ve created new functions to improve your experience with integrations in the Platform. Here they are:





  • SIZE



To see our complete list of functions, click here.


We have a list of all the Databases and its respective versions you can work with. To know what the Platform supports, click here.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • REST V2 / SOAP V2: both components REST Connector V2 and SOAP Connector V2 now respect the endpoint answer charset.

  • Headers and Query Parameters: support names containing dots (.)

  • WGet Connector: the use of Double Braces is enabled inside the HEADER and QUERY PARAMETER fields without the occurrence of errors.

  • Minor versions: archived pipelines aren’t improperly shown in the deployments screen anymore.

  • Input number: now the input-number component type has the correct font and size.

  • Scroll: the scroll bar is already available in the pipelines configuration screen.

  • Log: we’ve corrected the error that would turn the screen white when the log - details - messages sequence was clicked.

  • Pipeline re-deployment: we’ve worked on the issue that wouldn’t let the pipeline be re-deployed from the log.

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