We’d like to share some improvements and news:


  • SFTP: new attributes are returned when a list in the SFTP component directory is made, containing files and directories information. To read the complete article about SFTP, click here.


The XOR function accepts multiple parameters. To read about this and other functions, click here.

We’ve also fixed a bugs:

  • File Reader: we’ve fixed the bug that wouldn’t consider the “Maximum File Size” property configuration. To guarantee the backwards compatibility, we’ve added a new property called “Check File Size”, which validates if the File Reader component should verify the size of the file before it gets read or not.

  • Invalid components: we’ve added a verification process that prevents invalid or inexistent components in a determined Realm to be added to the Canvas.

  • Upgrade of Major Version: we’ve fixed the problem that would invalidate the Libraries in your pipeline after the upgrade of the pipeline Major Version.

  • Large and fractional numbers display: we’ve fixed an issue that would make the incorrect truncation of numbers with many digits and and some highly precise numbers in TEST MODE deployments.

  • Errors treatment: as announced in previous communication, we solved the matter that was causing behavior change in the error treatment of components that have subpipeline and, given that, there’s no compatibility break in already-deployed pipelines.

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