We’d like to share some improvements and news:


  • DB V2: the DB V2 component now supports the Firebird database. To review the article, click here.

  • Email V2: we’ve redesigned the email dispatch component, whose new version supports Double Braces and attachments. Click here to read the article.


  • Payload field: we’ve created a new article that explains how the payload field works in the logs search screen of the Platform. Click here to read it.

  • Truncated payloads: now we exhibit alerts that inform the absence of the complete payload depending on its size. Previously, the payload was identified with the @@DGB_TRUNCATED@@ property.


We’ve added support to specific permissions per environments. For example: DEPLOYMENT:CREATE{ENV:TEST} for exclusive access to the TEST environment and DEPLOYMENT:CREATE{ENV:PROD} for exclusive access to PROD environment. The DEPLOYMENT:CREATE permission remains valid and gives access to both environments.


To improve your experience with the Functions of the Platform, we’ve created groupings for the articles:

  • comparison

  • numerical

  • conditional

  • data

  • file

  • JSON

  • math

  • string

  • utilities

Understand the new division by clicking here.

We’ve also fixed a bugs:

  • Logs and re-execution payloads exhibitions: we’ve fixed an issue that would make the incorrect truncation of numbers with many digits and and some highly precise numbers.

  • SFTP: we’ve fixed a bug that would cause registers duplicity in the directories list operation of the SFTP component.

  • Object Store: we’ve fixed the problem that, in some situations, wouldn’t create the index even if Object Store was defined as unique. From now on, if the pipeline isn’t able to create the index after 3 attempts, its initialization won’t be made.

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