We’d like to share some improvements and news:


  • Stream File Reader Pattern: the new component has been created for stream file reading based on start and end patterns, such as XMLs, logs, specific tags search, multilines and REGEX blocks, enabling complex structure reading. Click here to read the article.

  • JSON to CSV V2: the redesigned version of JSON to CSV, on top of transforming a JSON into CSV, also supports Double Braces. To read the article about the component, click here.


The REST and HTTP triggers don’t demand “content-type” for the GET method anymore.


We’ve evolved the redeployment and version change process to make sure the former pipeline remains active until the new pipeline is available to replace it.

We’ve created the possibility to check in the deployment card if a pipeline is being reinitiated due to Errors or because it got Out of Memory.

Important: redeploy your pipeline to activate this feature.


To make your experience with with executions in the Platform even better, we’ve made some adjustments in the dashboards screen:

  • the tab known as LOGS has been renamed to FINISHED EXECUTIONS and also improved to ease the search for executions;

  • a new section allows you to find pipeline logs much more easily, check their details and see the origin executions;

  • this new section allows you to check pipeline internal logs that aren’t related to executions (pipeline initialization, components configuration errors), that couldn’t be accessed through the Platform before;

  • it became possible to search information in pipeline internal logs, for example logs issued by the Log component;

  • when you use the “log message” filter, the pipeline internal logs search results are highlighted;

  • the optimized search system includes the exhibition by the pipeline key and more evident and accessible action buttons in the lists view.


We’ve improved the appearance of the Pipeline Canvas for you to have a cleaner and more pleasant visual experience.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • REST, HTTP and HTTP File Trigger: we’ve fixed the problem that would generate flawed deploy when the methods were written with lowercase or were invalid. Now you can configure these triggers both with uppercase and lowercase.

  • HTTP File Trigger / HTTP Trigger: we’ve solved the issue that wouldn’t let the response header Authorization to be created when HTTP File Trigger or HTTP Trigger was used in a pipeline that generates a JWT token.

  • Pipeline Engine: we’ve fixed the bug that disabled the use of JWT tokens in pipelines configured with HTTP File or HTTP Trigger.

  • DB V2 / Stream DB V3: we’ve adjusted the failure that would return, for some databases, the original column name instead of the name that was configured in the alias under select. Besides, we’ve created the “Output Column From Label” property to control this behavior.

  • Mongo DB / Object Store: we’ve solved the problem that would stand in the way, in some cases, of the correct return of objectId-type attributes outside the root level for the Mongo DB and Object Store components.

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