We’d like to share some improvements and news:



The component now supports Oracle Netsuite ERP. This new database only allows inquiries to the base and it’s not possible to perform INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations. To know which other databases are supported by the Platform, click here.


The help menu inside the pipeline canvas is more complete. On top of having a way to start a conversation with our support team, you also can:

  • access the help center and search about anything related to the Platform;

  • check the list of our most recent news, in case you’ve missed your communications;

  • click on the icon to the keyboard shortcut, which used to be at your page top.

We’ve also fixed a bug:

  • SAP: when a call with an invalid payload to a RFC was made, an inconsistency in the SAP component used to affect the functioning of the other calls. Now, even if this error occurs, the pipeline works normally for the correct calls. If you use this component in your pipelines, redeploy them for the correction to be applied.

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