We’d like to share some improvements and news:


We’ve released the Digibee Capsules! Capsules are reusable components that can be adopted by any Platform user, applying the same visual development model conceived in the pipeline creation.

A Capsule allows the flow integration to be published in the components palette to be used in another moment, in an even simpler and quicker way.

Click here to know more details about the Capsules in our webpage.

Click here to access our Start guide for the use of Capsules.


Parallel Execution

We’ve added the following capacities to the component:

  • definition of the execution lines result (for example, a summarized output of the total of executions or the details of all the executions);

  • exhibition of the results based on the name of the execution lines;

  • optional hiding of the errors.

To read the updated article about Parallel Execution, click here.

Google Drive

We’ve added the “Mime Type” field to the Google Drive component, enabling determined files to be converted into some Google Workspace file type in the upload moment. To read the complete article about this component, click here.

Zip File

The Zip File component now decompresses zip files, besides compressing multiple files into a single zip.


We’ve added the TOBOOLEAN utilities function to the Platform. To know more about this and other functions, click here.


We’re always working to improve your experience in our Platform. Check what we’ve done:

  • we’ve added a message receival indication in the new Help icon;

  • we’ve inserted the option to search all the message types in the search filter in the screen of concluded executions and pipelines logs;


  • now the time format in the Runtime screen follows the standard of the other Platform screens (24h).

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Error message on Canvas: we’ve improved the error message quality in the test-mode when a test was made in the pipeline making reference to a non-existing account or globals.

  • SAP: we’ve eliminated the error that wouldn’t let the test-mode to correctly respond when the SAP administrator made a change in the RFC. For deployed pipelines, the redeployment is still necessary.

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