Append File adds one or more text files to an existing text file.

Take a look at the configuration parameters of the component:

  • File Name: name of the file that receives the content from other files.
  • Charset: charset of the final file.
  • Files to Append: list of the files to be added to the original file.
  • File Name: name of the file.
  • Charset: charset of the file.
  • Custom Append Files Specification: if the option is enabled, it’s possible to inform the files list to the component in a dynamic way.
  • Fail On Error: if the option is activated, the execution of the pipeline with error will be interrupted; otherwise, the pipeline execution continues, but the result will show a false value for the success property.

Messages flow


Only the files to be used in this component must be in the current pipeline directory.


"fileName": "pipeline-example",
"success": true

  • fileName: name of the final file
  • success: when the call is successful

Append File in Action

See below how the component behaves in a determined situation and what its respective configuration is.

Appending multiple files

  • File Name: final_file_final.txt
  • Charset: "UTF-8"
  • Custom Append Files Specification: enabled
  • Files to Append:
{"fileName": "file1.txt", "charset": "UTF-8"},
{"fileName": "file2.txt", "charset": "UTF-8"}

  • Fail On Error: false
  • File content: final_file.txt

  • File content: file1.txt

  • File content: file2.txt
another test


"fileName": "final_file.txt",
"success": true

  • Final file content: final_file.txt
another test

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