We’d like to share some improvements and news:



We’ve created a component that enables a file or text to be transformed to the Base64 format, generating as output a new text or a new file according to your need. To read the article about Base64, click here.

Append File

We’ve delivered a new component that allows you to add the content of a file to another existing file. Click here to read the article about Append File.


We’ve added a new functionality to the SOAP V2 component so you can specify that the request body will be provided by a file. Click here to read our updated article about SOAP V2.


Now it’s possible to define the DB V2 connection pool size as a number equivalent to the amount of concurrent executions configured during the implantation. Besides, you can define that the pool is exclusive from the component.


Now we support IBM MQ, a new broker of the JMS component. Click here to read the updated article.


HTTP Trigger

We’ve updated the reading about HTTP Trigger so you can have a better experience with your integrations. Click here to access the article.

JMS Trigger

Now we support IBM MQ, a new broker of the JMS Trigger. Click here to read the updated article.


We’ve ratified the Snowflake database in the Platform. Click here to know which other databases are supported.


We’ve improved the message that informs about the progress of the executions that exceed the maximum waiting time if the test-mode in the pipeline canvas screen. Besides, now we inform that these executions can be consulted in the Dashboard, inside “Finished executions”


Now, when clicking on the “Pack to pipelines” link or on the Digibee logo, you can use the following modifiers to open a new tab, keeping the pipeline canvas open:

  • Windows / Linux: CTRL + left button of the mouse

  • Mac: COMMAND + left button of the mouse


  • We’ve changed the way the password is recovered, where a change link is sent with the instructions email.

  • We’ve enhanced the RECAPTCHA mechanism sensitivity, decreasing the false positive cases.

We’ve also fixed a bug:

  • Runtime: we’ve made an adjustment in the Runtime screen, where the deployed pipelines list wasn't being displayed when the number of licenses was exceeded in a new deployment.

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