We’d like to share some improvements and news:


We’ve added the DIFFDATE function to the Platform. Now you can calculate the difference of years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds between two dates. Click here to access our complete article about this and other Date Functions.


We’ve updated the reading about some components so you could have a better experience with your integrations.

You can access the new articles about:


Now you have a better view of the logs related to the pipelines deployment steps. With that, you can check the status of the deployment and the error messages that weren’t displayed.


We’ve redesigned the pipelines listing display so you could have the most out of the screen. Besides, we’ve made the screen more responsive, adapting it to different resolutions.


We’ve created an exclusive channel for you to share your opinion about the Platform, being able to send general comments and improvement suggestions. This resource is present in each one of our screens, which let us know where your opinion comes from. See how to send us your feedback:

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • JSON to CSV V2: we’ve corrected a problem that would display an error message of the DB V2 component, when the actual error would happen in the execution of the JSON to CSV V2 component.

  • Stream DB V3: the stream components (Streamers DB and File Reader) now end the resources in the proper way after their executions are done instead of ending them only after the pipeline execution.

  • Append File: we’ve adjusted the "Files To Append" list to support Double Braces in the field where the name of the file is informed.

  • Zip File: we’ve adjusted the "Files" list to support Double Braces in the field where the name of the file is informed.

  • Email Trigger V2: we’ve fixed an error that would allow operations made in messages received by the Email V2 trigger not to be properly moved, marked as read or deleted, because the mailbox has already been disconnected.

  • Pipeline with multi-instance: we’ve eliminated the bug that would allow the deployment of a pipeline with conflicting name between multi-instance and no-multi-instance pipelines. For example: the "store-newyork" pipeline whose name is "store" and instance is "newyork" could have a conflict with a previously deployed with the name "store-newyork". Even though they’re different pipelines, the names match and this is not allowed.

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