We’d like to share some improvements and news:


SSH Remote Command

We’ve delivered a new component that allows the execution of commands in a server that supports remote SSH. To know more about SSH Remote Command, click here.


We’ve added the resource of adding one or more headers in the message to be sent to the Kafka broker. Click here to read the complete and updated article about the component.


We’ve updated the reading about some components so you could have a better experience with your integrations.

You can access the new articles about:


We’d like to know your comments and improvement suggestions to the Platform. That’s why we invite you to use the new resource for sharing opinions. See how easy it is for you to send your feedback:

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Stream DB V3: we’ve corrected a failure in the connection pool that, after a timeout execution with error, wouldn’t let the connections to be returned to the pool. Besides, we’ve eliminated the problem that would cause the incorrect interpretation of duplicated Double Braces expressions in Stream DB V3.

  • Do While e Parallel Execution: we’ve fixed the bug that would create inconsistency in the Do While and Parallel Execution componentes when pipelines Major versions were created.

  • Configurations screen: we’ve solved a proportion issue in the API Keys, Global, Relation and Multi instance screens, that would interfere in the form visualization.

  • Standard error screen: formerly, non-treated errors would generate a white screen. Now a screen with the standard errors exhibition is displayed.

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