We’d like to share some improvements and news:



The HTML to PDF component now supports the inclusion of protection by password and also the definition of access by permission. That way, it’s possible to generate PDFs with a security layer and with specific access permissions. To read the complete article about the component, click here.


We’ve added new configurations to the Kafka component, enabling the header values to be sent to the Kafka broker with the selected charset application. Besides, the header value of a message can be interpreted in binary format (base64). Click here to access the updated article about the component.


We’ve implemented an improvement in the Log component and, from now on, you don’t have to use functions to remove the line break characters in its use. Read the updated article about his component by clicking here.



We’ve added a resource that can be activated to enable one or more headers to be received in messages consumed by the Kafka broker. Click here to read the article about Kafka trigger.


To enhance your reading experience, we’ve improved the examples in the “Double Braces - String Functions” article, more specifically in the INDEXOF and LASTINDEXOF functions. Click here to access the article.


We’ve updated the reading about a component so you can have a better experience with your integrations.

Access the new Scheduler Trigger article by clicking here.

We’ve also fixed a bug:

  • DB components: we’ve solved a problem that wouldn’t allow the use of databases with OLAP-type bases.

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