We’d like to share some improvements and news:



We’ve enabled a new component that enables gRPC calls through the Digibee Platform. With it you can execute unary and client stream calls. Read the article about the gRPC component by clicking here.

Stream JSON File Reader

We’ve created a new component that allows large JSON structures enabled in files to be run item by item, with filters and in an efficient way in terms of memory use. Click here to access the article about Stream JSON File Reader.


Fields marked as sensitive in your realm or in the configuration of a pipeline are now obfuscated in the Log component. You can know more about this component by clicking here.


We’ve updated the reading about a component so you can have a better experience with your integrations.

You can access the new article about:


To ease your experience when creating new Capsules Collections, we’ve created a guide with the best practices for customization. Click here to access the reading.


When one of the pipeline replicas was restarted, we would present the term "crash". However, we understand that the term "crash" doesn’t actually represent the occured fact. Therefore, we’re now adopting the term "recycled".

We’ve also fixed a few bug:

  • Components configuration: we’ve fixed a bug that would allow a mandatory field to be filled with blank spaces only. With that, pipelines and components are correctly documented.

  • Pipelines configuration: we’ve corrected the error that would stop the InSpec/OutSpec values of a pipeline to be changed.


Thinking about making your routine with the Digibee Platform easier, we’re releasing ready-to-use Capsules.

Take a look at the Collections with news:

Google Sheets

  • Get Spreadsheets By Id: consult metadata in your shared sheet.

  • Get Rows Values by Range: obtain existing data inside the sheet and work with paginated inquiries according to the desired gap.

  • Append Data: write data in an existing sheet.

Click here to read the complete article about this Capsules Collection.


gRPC Trigger will allow pipeline exposure according to the gRPC protocol.

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