What's the Projects funcionality?

Projects are like folders that organize and group pipelines, making your search and pipelines list visualization easier.

How to use the Projects funcionality

Take a look at what you can do with the beta version of the Projects functionality:

  • Create a project with name and description:

  • Edit name and description of projects:

  • Move pipelines from one project to another by clicking on the icon highlighted in the image below and dragging a pipeline to any created project. It's also possible to select multiple pipelines. All you have to do is press CTRL (or CMD for Mac), click on the pipelines and drag them by using the highlighted icon:

  • Create pipelines associated with a project - when creating pipelines with a selected project, they’ll automatically be associated with it.

  • Archive projects that don’t have pipelines by clicking on the icon highlighted in the image below:

IMPORTANT: all the existing pipelines will be on the default project when you access the beta version of the Projects functionality. When a new pipeline is created outside the beta context, which means, with the Projects functionality enabled, it will be kept in the default project.

Terms of Use

When using the Projects functionality, you automatically make your adhesion to the Beta program and agree with the terms of use.

You can find more information about beta versions by clicking here.

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