We’d like to share some improvements and news:


We’re releasing the beta version of our new layout and of the Projects functionality. For you to get the most out of what these news have to offer, we’ve created articles that clarify:

  • what the new layout brings and how to enable it

  • what the Projects functionality is, how it works, how to enable it and the step-by-step of its use

Click here to access the article about the new layout.

Click here to access the article about the Projects functionality.


  • Stream XML File Reader: we’ve created a new component that allows large XML structures enabled in files to be run item by item, with filters and in an efficient way in terms of memory use. Click here to access the article about Stream XML File Reader.

  • Object Store: we’ve inserted in the Object Store documentation an explanation about the UPSERT operation inside a loop component when the parallel execution option is enabled. Click here to read the updated article.


  • Pipelines validation: we’ve improved your experience with the Platform by providing more feedback during the deployment, saving time and avoiding consecutive deployments due to minor errors.

  • Visual change: now it became even easier for you to understand the deployments status. Take a look at the cards visual appearance:

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Runtime and configurations: we’ve fixed the bug that wouldn’t let confirmation or error messages to be displayed in creation, delete or edition processes in configurations or deployments.

  • REST V2: we’ve solved the problem that wouldn’t allow the use of Custom Accounts in the configuration of a call with multipart/form-data and Double Braces.

  • S3 Storage: we’ve adjusted the Link Expiration (in ms) parameter name to Expiration Timestamp (in ms) and, with that, it’s easier for you to understand how to make the parameter correct configuration. To better understand this difference, access the updated article of S3 Storage by clicking here.


Thinking about making your routine with the Digibee Platform easier, we’re releasing ready-to-use Capsules.

Take a look at the Collections with news:

Digibee Tools

This Capsule brings tools that help to standardize your pipeline through the best practices, such as agility, validations quality and ready transformations.

  • CPF CNPJ Validator: enables the verifying digit of Brazilian documents related to people register to be validated.

  • Digibee Publish Error: sends notifications of standardized messages for alerts and errors handling to be more clear and efficient.

  • Parallel Execution List to Objects: transforms arrays of objects produced by parallel executions. This Capsule is highly useful when combined with the Parallel Execution component.

  • Sort Array by field: orders lists in JSON format from a determined field.

  • Validate Consumers: validates the amount of configured concurrent executions according to the pipeline Runtime.

Click here to read the complete article about this Collection.

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