We’ve added a new functionality to the component, which allows a determined request answer to be recorded in the pipeline local file. Click here to read the complete article about SOAP V2.


Now it’s possible to inform the topic partition to which you'd like to send a message to Kafka. To read the updated article about the component, click here.


CLOB-type data can now be sent through a file. You can read the updated article about the component by clicking here.



Now it’s possible to inform the topic partitions to consume the Kafka messages. To read the updated article about the trigger, click here.



The ESCAPE and UNESCAPE functions now allow the escape type in JSON, CSV, html and xml patterns to be informed. To read about these and other string functions, click here.


We’ve added a new parameter to the SIZE function. With it, it’s possible to determine if an exception must be thrown (true) or not (false) when something goes wrong in the verification of an object size, array or JSON. You can read the article about SIZE and other utilities functions by clicking here.


By standard, all the current Projects are visible to every user. But now, on top of creating and editing Projects, you can also grant visibility permissions by user. With such improvement, your Projects can be visualized by specific users.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Major pipeline versions by Project (Beta): we’ve adjusted an error that would allow the display of all the pipeline versions even when a specific major version was moved to another Project.

  • Deployment: we’ve corrected an issue that wouldn’t allow new deployments to be created when all the existing deployments in a realm were removed.

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