Digibee JWT

The component that was already available in our palette, and that used to be named JWT, now is called Digibee JWT. It’s been specifically designed for authentications that use the Digibee gateway and its functions haven’t changed.


The new JWT component is now available, generating and decoding JWT tokens for external use. With that, you can manipulate JSW or JWE tokens according to your cryptography, signature and dynamic payload needs.

Note: to better understand the difference between the 2 components, click on the titles below and access the updated documentation of each one:

Digibee JWT (internal use)
JWT (external use)



Now it’s possible to use the function REMOVEAT (array, index) to remove specific elements of an array in a JSON. Click here to access the article about REMOVEAT and other JSON functions.


We’ve added a new pipeline validations that allows you to check if the configured trigger needs a dedicated configuration for the realm environment.


We’re automatically enabling our new layout. From now on, when making your login, you’ll be forwarded to the Platform with an aesthetic consistent with the integration building cycle, based on Build, Run and Monitor.

But don’t worry…

  • this change won’t affect your experience at all

  • you have until August 30th 2021 to use the former layout - all you have to do is click on your profile icon to select it

  • we’ll keep receiving your comments about the new layout through the feedback channel ​

We’ve also fixed a bug:

  • Digibee Storage: we’ve fixed the problem that would generate an incorrect link for download when uploading a file to a directory starting with the “ / “ character.

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