We’ve added the BCrypt algorithm to the Hash component. To read its updated article, click here.


We recently communicated the automatic switch to our new layout. When making your login, you’ll be forwarded to the Platform with an aesthetic consistent with the integration building cycle, based on Build, Run and Monitor.

But don’t worry…

  • this change won’t affect your experience at all

  • we’ll keep receiving your comments about the new layout through the feedback channel

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Projects: we’ve corrected an issue that wouldn’t allow pipelines to be moved to projects with special characters in their titles. Besides, existing pipelines in the projects wouldn’t be displayed in the Run screen.

  • Monitor and Build: we’ve made adjustments to improve the upload of pipeline listings and dashboard in the Monitor and Build screens.

  • Audit: we’ve fixed the bug that wouldn’t allow the access menu to be viewed in the new Platform layout.

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