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OAuth 2.0

Due to updates in the OAuth server from Mercado Livre, we have modified the OAuth provider from Mercado Livre so that it authenticates through the endpoint of accounts from Brazil (

IMPORTANT: the current tokens registered in Accounts won’t be affected. New tokens will be obtained through the new endpoint.


Google IAP Token

The new component enables you to generate OpenID-type tokens for IAP (Identity Aware Proxy) proxies authentication. Click here to read the full article.


The new SQS component enables you to send messages to FIFO-type queues in AWS SQS service. Click here to read the full article.



The function allows a cardinality of n:1 to be applied to any informed structure, where regardless of the number of elements in the input, the output will always be 1 element. Click here to read the full article on JSON Functions.


The function allows an output to be standardized by a multiple cardinality. That means, when an input of an array has n elements, its output will be an array of n elements, and when an input has a sole object, its output will be an array of this same object. Click here to read the full article on JSON Functions.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • LDAP Component: We fixed a bug that blocked pipelines from executing when using the LDAP component.

  • Chat: We removed the requirement of the USER:READ permission for a user to access the chat.

  • Pipeline history: We fixed the bug that resulted in a white screen when all versions of a pipeline were archived, and when one of the versions was restored.

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