What is the modernization of the create deployment interface?

Digibee's design team constantly seeks to improve the platform usability.

Through this modernization, repetitive actions were reduced, common tasks automated, license consumption became more evident, input is more natural and consistent as well as descriptions became clearer and more detailed. If you want to know more about the stage Run, where deployments are managed, check out this article.

How to use it

Access the Run screen and click the "CREATE" button.

Select a pipeline and its version, if it is a multi-instance pipeline select an instance as well. Then choose the desired pipeline size.

If the pipeline is already deployed, a section is displayed informing the current deployment configuration, which is automatically applied to the new deployment.

Also in this section, it is possible to visit the pipeline currently deployed through the link "open pipeline in new tab".

Then select the number of simultaneous executions.

Now define the amount of replicas to be used.

As values are defined, an information box at the bottom of the screen shows how many licenses will be needed for the deployment as well as other important information.

Clicking on the "DEPLOYMENT" button shows a summary of all the choices made, as well as the calculation of licenses consumed by this deployment.


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