We’ve developed a new access control model. It’s practical and robust. The access management now allows grouping and reusing the profiles with similar accesses for a better experience when accessing the realm.

Example of the new access grant:

The new access control model includes the concepts of Groups, Roles and Users that are related to one another just like on the model below:

Now, updates in a user’s access will be in real time. There’s no need to logout for the update.

To learn more about the new access control, read the following articles:

  1. New Access Control Model

  2. Access Control Groups

  3. Access Control Roles

  4. System Roles and Default Groups

  5. Basic Concepts About Users

Just so no users lose their permissions, we planned a transition period in which both access models will coexist. All users must be migrated to the new access until March 31, 2022.
To learn more about the transition process, read the full article here.


Thinking about improving our users’ experience and giving them more clarity and accuracy on the use of a few terms, we’ve updated the Consumers screen under the Settings menu. Its new name is API Keys. The functionalities have not changed and the settings flow is still the same as well.


We’ve made some improvements on the audit experience. Now, the audit logs contain new information:

Service - identification of the Digibee Platform’s features that have been audited. E.G.: Pipelines, Globals, Accounts.

Action - the action taken that created the register. E.G.: created, updated, deleted, viewed.

Reference - it’s the friendly name of the audited object.

IMPORTANT: During this delivery phase, the only objects with the reference are: Pipeline, Account and Globals.

Status: shows if the action has been successful or if it contains any error.

This delivery is part of a larger improvement process that will include the possibility of navigating up until the audited object.


We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Component CSV to Excel: we’ve fixed the error that prevented the ability of reading files with charsets different from UTF-8.

  • Pipelines Metrics: we’ve fixed the error that prevented the correct exhibition of information when filtered with the 15 minutes period option.

  • Email Trigger V2: we’ve fixed the error that prevented new emails from being read, moved and deleted correctly after they had been processed.

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