Now, when opening a pipeline’s minor version, it’s possible to see the Trigger’s settings that were deployed in that version.

Read the full article about the pipelines' history version here.

IMPORTANT: the feature is in its Beta phase and your feedback is very important to us.

Learn more about the Beta program here.


  • FORMATNUMBER: we’ve improved the precision points of fluctuation by adding the string format at the function’s input.
    It’s also possible to choose between different types of number rounders. They are: Rounding Mode: UP, DOWN, CEILING, FLOOR, HALF_UP, HALF_DOWN and HALF_EVEN.

    Read the full article about Double Braces - Numeric Functions here.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Globals: we’ve fixed the error that occurred when creating or editing a new Global and the form would display information about the last edited or created Global.

  • Projects: we’ve fixed the bug that occurred when creating a new major version of a pipeline, causing it to be created at the default project instead of at the project where the original pipeline was located.

  • REST V2 component: we’ve fixed the error that prevented the component from invoking AWS Lambda type services.

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