• JWT: We’ve added a parameter to the JWS component. By activating the Custom Claim Specification toggle it will be possible to create claims in JWS using dynamic JSONs.

Read the full article about JWT component configuration parameters here.

  • FTP: Now, it will be possible to enable or disable the verification in which the remote host (that is part of a data connection) is the same host is the same host the control connection is connected to when FTP Security is active.

Read the full article about FTP component configuration parameters here.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Parallel component: We’ve fixed the bug that occurred when trying to run a pipeline containing Parallel components inside another Parallel (several nested levels) resulting in the executionId labels being displayed incorrectly to all executions, even if this didn’t affect each and every one of them.

  • JWT component: We’ve fixed the problem that prevented the use of metacharacters such as \n, \r e \t in the specification of claims.

  • HTTP-File trigger: We’ve fixed the problem in which the HTTP-Trigger would ignore request-size-limit values above 5 MB.

  • User roles: We’ve fixed how the description of specific permissions is shown in User Roles.

  • Projects: We’ve fixed the error that allowed a user to select a pipeline and move it from one project to another even without permissions.

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