• CasandraDB: it was fixed to save JSON to a string in Cassandra, and mapping to the main types supported by it (map, list, set, int, timestamp, etc.), except for the following: tuple, duration, user-defined types and blob, because they aren’t supported yet. Read the full documentation of CassandraDB.

  • Kafka: now, it’s possible to set the Acks and Client ID settings when producing messages for a Kafka broker. We also added to the component the configuration capability of Key and Value (subject strategy) strategies when producing data messages in Avro format. Read the Kafka component documentation here.




  • We’ve created a feature that allows a user with read only permission to access the details tab on the Groups page by clicking the eye icon.

IMPORTANT: we’ll offer this functionality on other pages of the Platform soon.


  • We’ve improved the experience of associating items on the Platform for the Users, Groups, Projects, digibeectl and API keys pages. Now, when you click outside the selection field, the selected items are automatically associated. This prevents problems related to the association not being saved if the user forgets to click the confirmation button (☑ icon).

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Pipelines history: we’ve fixed a bug that prevented some users from opening an old minor version of pipelines.

  • Components: we’ve fixed the bug that displayed an incomplete description of some components' fields.

  • Pipelines settings: we’ve fixed the bug that prevented the user from saving the settings of a pipeline if the "description" field was empty.

  • API key: we’ve fixed the error that occurred when publishing pipelines with custom names or paths that started with identical words.

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