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Quote on multiple parcels
Quote on multiple parcels
Getting a quote on delivering to multiple locations
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If you have only a few parcels to send you can get a quote by logging in, and it should only take a couple of minutes, we’ll outline the process below.

We recommend that if you have more than 10 parcels to send (to different locations) that you get in touch for a more advanced quote.

If you are sending all of your parcels to the same place, then you’ll just need a ‘quote on a single job

First of all, you won’t be able to get a quote using our quick quote on the home page, so you’ll need to start by logging in.

You’ll load right into the book a job section, you can start off by entering the details of your pick up location. If you have any issues finding your address you can check our guide ‘here’  on what the system expects.

If you have multiple parcels going to the same location, this would only need to be a single drop-off on your job, and won't need our multi-job feature, just make sure you describe your consignment correctly.

The system will now expect you to start entering delivery locations, so if you need to book a job with multiple collections to a single location you’ll need to tab back across to begin adding more pick up locations. Or if you are looking to book a multi-job with a single collection and multiple of delivery locations, you can get to work on entering your delivery locations. 

TIP: Don’t worry about the order in which order you enter the addresses, you’ll be able to amend this later on.

You won’t need to worry about ‘entering all of your contact information’ until you’ve seen a quote and are getting ready to book, so you can skip these until later.

It is important however to define the size of your packages as this will let the system know which vehicles are appropriate for your booking. Our system also takes weight into account when calculating the price.

You have the choice when you define your package size to mark all parcels with the same description.

Once you have defined all of your locations, the quote you will see is not final, at this step you can now choose the order in which you would like the deliveries carried out.

You will see an ‘Optimise’ button which looks like this:

The optimisation function will re-order your deliveries into the most efficient route for the driver, this should give you the best possible price for your job, however, if you have reason to set a different route for the driver, you can drag and drop the locations into the order you prefer and use the arrows button to skip the optimisation step if you would like to continue to book.

The system will now have all the details to suggest a vehicle for your job, however if you feel that you require a different vehicle, you can select the vehicle you prefer. Some vehicles may be unavailable for your job based on their respective limitations, check ‘here’ if you require more information.

Once this step is complete, you can now change the time and date of your booking to define when you need your items delivered.

The price may change if you book on a weekend or a bank holiday, otherwise the quote will be the same for each day.

There are also 4 levels of priority which could have a large bearing on the final cost of your delivery and they are applied depending on the amount of time we are given to collect and deliver your parcels. The shorter your deadline, the higher the cost will be.

Lastly you can click on the icon shown below INSERT SCREENSHOT (Direct job button) to make your job a direct service, which would mean that the courier won’t stop elsewhere once your parcel has been collected.

Once you have defined your pick up day and window, your quote will be fully accurate, however if you need any more help, please get in touch with the team.

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