Great to know that you want to join the Gophr family!

Your application can be registered by downloading our app 'Gophr Work' from Google Play or the App store.

There can sometimes be a wait to get on the platform as we try our best to balance the workload, but do not be deterred, get on the list, you will receive an email from us when it is time to come in for onboarding.

You will be requested to upload the following details to become a Gophr courier:

1) Driving Licence (Push Bike & Cargo Bike exempt)

2) Hire & Reward insurance (Push Bike & Cargo Bike Exempt)

3) Goods in transit liability insurance (To a maximum of £5,000 per item)

4) Public Liability insurance (£1,000,000 minimum)

5) Completed Background check

6) Profile Photo

7) Right to work in the UK documentation (Copy of visa if not UK citizen)

8) Valid MOT Certificate unless your vehicle is new (Push Bike & Cargo Bike Exempt)

9) Vehicle Registration ((V5C) and make of your current vehicle. (Excluding Pushbikes & Cargo bikes)

You must provide all this documents if you want to be a GOPHR courier.

Many thanks,

Gophr Team

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