Multi-collections and multi-drops
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Multi-collections means multiple packages to be picked up from multiple locations and delivered to a single place.

Multi-drops means multiple packages to be picked up from one place and delivered to multiple locations.

We recommend that if you have over 10 parcels to send (to different locations) or an enterprise level solution is needed, that you get in touch for a more advanced quote. We have years of experience on doing large scale multi-jobs several times a week, using internal methods for booking multi-drops up to and above 2000 deliveries in a single run.

If you have only a few parcels to send you can get a quote and book by logging in, and it should only take a couple of minutes. Our system makes of booking a multi-job a simple process, just  head to our webapp | If you're using our new Beta booking engine click here instead where you can add as many pickup (multi-collection) or delivery (multi-drops) addresses as needed to complete the job.

When it comes to multi-drops and packages are personalized for each delivery location it’s very important to label every package with the address and recipient name, it could be using your own label or by printing the labels provided by the system.

Multi-jobs aren’t the same as Adding multiple parcels to my booking

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