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Adding contact details to your booking
Adding contact details to your booking
How Contact infoto search for your address when booking
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During the booking process it is required to add additional information for every location which is there to aid the courier in collection and avoid any unnecessary delays.

For any addresses enter that need additional information you will see a small pen with a partial filled circle, if all information is completed then the circle will turn green with a white tick. 

Simply click on the address and you'll be presented with a new window for pickup/delivery details and package details, depending on what tab you are on, in this article we will deal with the details for pickup/delivery, for parcel details please use this link

The first thing to do is complete the address of the pick up/delivery location. If the Gophr system has already found all the information you need then you can move onto the contact information , however if the system has not please add this in the appropriate sections.

We require the name and mobile number of each locations contact so your courier as well as our team will be able to communicate with them if needed. This will also help to avoid any unnecessary waiting time charges or a cancellation due to the courier not being able to get in contact.

Please make sure you enter in valid UK phone numbers as our system will not accept any thing else at this current point in time. We would also advise no paid for numbers are provided as the courier may be reluctant to call these. 

If you are unable to provide a mobile number a landline number can be used in its place.

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