Our app is available on both, iOS and Android, app stores under the name ‘Gophr: Work With Us’. ‘Insert link to download app from both app stores’. It is a very functional and nice app that will provide you all the information you need to complete every delivery as well as allow you to manage your courier account, details, payments, etc.

You will be requested to upload all the following details to become a Gophr courier:

1) Driving Licence (Push Bike & Cargo Bike exempt)

2) Hire & Reward insurance (Push Bike & Cargo Bike exempt)

3) Goods in transit liability insurance (To a maximum of £5,000 per item)

4) Public Liability insurance (£1,000,000 minimum)

5) Completed Background check (Attached)

6) Photo (Recent – Passport photograph preferred)

7) Right to work in the UK documentation (Copy of visa if not UK citizen)

8) Valid MOT Certificate (Push Bike & Cargo Bike exempt)

9) Vehicle Registration and make of your current vehicle. (Push Bike & Cargo bike exempt)

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