What are the different levels?

We offer 3 different levels of benefits: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

What are Deals and Rewards?

Our rewards marketplace allows couriers to save money on the things that matter to them the most, from free fuel cards to vehicle maintenance, tax support, food on the go and tech.

To get access to your hand-picked range of deals and rewards, simply head to the Rewards Marketplace in your Collective Benefits account.

How do I qualify?

The minimum requirement to access the Silver benefits package is 30 jobs per month. To access the Gold and Platinum packages, minimum monthly earnings are also required. Full details can be found in the table below:

For more information, log into your Collective Benefits account at any time and check out the Protections section.

How do I make a claim?

Head to the Claims section in your Collective account and pick the benefit you're claiming for. From there, please follow the instructions on how to create and submit your claim.

Your claim will be reviewed to make sure you're eligible and that you've uploaded the right evidence. If we need additional information or supporting documents, the claims handler will get in touch.

Once your claim has been approved, the money will be in your account within 5 business days.

If you'd like a bit more guidance, just check out this video.

Do I have to pay an excess when I make a claim?

The courier protection is completely free and you will never have to pay an excess.

Do I lose access to my benefits if I can’t work due to injury?

If for any reason you are unable to complete the minimum number of jobs in any given month, unfortunately you will not be eligible for the benefits in the following month.

As soon as the minimum requirements are met again, the benefits will automatically be reinstated in the following month.

Do existing health issues affect my coverage?

In some cases yes, but it will vary depending on the existing health condition. To find out more information, please contact Collective Benefits on their Live Chat (the purple support icon on the bottom right of their site).

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