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GPS Tracking
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With GPS Tracking enabled, GorillaDesk shows the location coordinators of mobile users in real time on the scheduling map.

This feature is available to Basic and Pro Plan users. That said, the upgrading to the Pro Plan gives you the ability to leverage three additional GPS Tracking power ups.

  • Replay records all the location data and archives it so that you can access it at any time.

  • Vicinity requires your techs to be within 1.75 miles of the service location to check in on mobile apps.

  • Overwatch saves additional tech coordinates at the exact time of check in.

Once you activate GPS Tracking and configure your power ups, you'll want to head over to the calendar and open up the map on the left hand side.

From there you can toggle the location data GorillaDesk collects while your technicians are in the field either on or off.

The large pin is the technician and their location. Clicking on the technician's pin will allow you to see what device they're on, the date and time, and their exact coordinates. 

The smaller pins in blue are dropped every five minutes when the technician is accessing the mobile application. 

Note: We do this every five minutes to preserve the battery life of their mobile device.

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