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QuickBooks Sync
QuickBooks Sync
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For detailed instructions on Syncing your GorillaDesk account to an empty QuickBooks account click here.

For detailed instructions on Syncing your GorillaDesk account to a QuickBooks account with pre-existing customers, click here.

You can now sync your customers, invoices, and payments from GorillaDesk into QuickBooks. This process is a one-way push and is supported for QuickBooks Online only.

Once you’ve connected your GorillaDesk account to your Quickbooks Online account, you’ll have access to some QuickBooks sync power ups.

Tax Sync (power up): Automatically sync Tax into the QuickBooks account of your choosing.

Discount Sync (power up): Automatically sync discount into the QuickBooks account of your choosing.

  • Discounts/Refunds: Choose your QuickBooks account that you’d like to sync discounts/refunds to.

Stripe Sync (Power up): Automatically sync Stripe fees into the Quickbooks account of your choosing

  • Choose account to deposit payouts

  • Choose account to deposit payout fees and adjustments account.

Credit Sync (power up): Automatically Sync credits created in GorillaDesk into QuickBooks.

Important note:
Please turn off the “automatically apply credits’ option in your QuickBooks account to make sure that the GorillaDesk credit and QuickBooks records are the same.

Once you activate QuickBooks Sync, you'll be directed to the Sync Console. You can refer to this area if you're ever wondering if a process went through (or if there is an issue with the connection) because this process acts in the background.

Batch Syncing

All Invoices under the Reports tab is where a majority of the power around syncing your processes lies.

In the example below, we selected Year to Date, selected all the invoices, and batch synced them to QuickBooks.

Alternatively, you can go directly to a customer's account profile and sync invoices and/or payments from there.

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