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Barcode Scanning
Barcode Scanning
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Barcode scanning allows you to add and edit devices in your GorillaDesk account effortlessly. Device tracking gives you the ability to record & report on the statuses of devices you’re using in the field.*

To start using this feature, you will have to opt into device tracking within your settings. 

Under your Settings> all Add-ons tab, you will see the option to toggle Device Tracking from inactive to active.

 Once that is complete there’s a secondary toggle to enable device tracking beta, once both steps are complete you can start adding devices within the GorillaDesk application. 

To add a device to a job in the GorillaDesk application open your job.

  • Add device

  • Scan device

  • Enter the area name

  • Save

Then check the device, check-in, report findings if any, then check out. 

Your devices and area are associated, you must check the device listed under that area. 

Devices options

  • Add device- to add a new device to the job

  • Scan device - to use a barcode to add or update a device

  • View all devices - allows you to view devices in all areas

  • Manage area list - allows you access to edit or delete all areas for this job only

  • Manage device types - allows you to rename, add or delete your device type list 

* A device has to be added to a customer's job before the job is completed to properly reoccur. 

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