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Syncing your GorillaDesk account to QuickBooks online with PRE-EXISTING customers
Syncing your GorillaDesk account to QuickBooks online with PRE-EXISTING customers
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Here is a Step by Step guide on how to connect your GorillaDesk account to QuickBooks account.

This feature will let you send your Invoices and payments from your GorillaDesk account to your Quickbooks Online account in just a click of a button. 

Note: This is a one way sync, you can pass invoice and payment information from GorillaDesk to QuickBooks. However, this feature only works for QuickBooks Online and is not supported on the desktop version of QuickBooks.

  1. Log In to the admin of your QuickBooks account

  2. Open your GorillaDesk account in a different tab

  3. Login, and navigate to Settings > QuickBook Sync

  4. Click the Connect button and a pop up window will appear

  5. Click the button Connect on the pop up window

If you have an empty QuickBooks account. We have a different guide for you.

If your GorillaDesk customer list is already in your QuickBooks account. Please follow the steps below.

Note: You need to map each GorillaDesk Customer to your QuickBooks Customer to ensure that the invoice and information will sync to the correct account. There is no option to do it by batch, it has to be done one by one. 

Here’s a brief explanation and example:

  • On your QuickBooks account, your customer ‘Tim Blake’ is already saved. 

  • You also have ‘Tim Blake’ saved on your GorillaDesk account

  • Since they are the same person, you need to connect them so that GorillaDesk will know that this is a pre-existing customer on your QuickBooks account and the invoices will be synced to the correct person.

  •  If you do not connect them, GorillaDesk will assume that this customer is not existing and it will create another user in QB which may potentially cause duplicates. 

  1. Go to your Customer's list. Click on Columns+, check the box for Sync QB  and QB ID. 

  1. You will notice that there is a circle and three dots. Click on the three dots and a window will pop up

  2. Select the account that matches your customer. Click Save and close. 

Make sure that there is now a number noted in the "Customer QB" Field.

If the 3 dots did not produce a result and says “GorillaDesk cannot find any match”

  1. You need to go to your QuickBooks account and navigate to Invoicing > Customers.

Search for the customer’s name. If that name is not on your QuickBooks account, that will indicate that the customer is not existing on your QuickBooks account. In which case, you can go back to GorillaDesk and click on the Sync button.

If the customer is existing on your QuickBooks account, click on the name to open the customer’s account. 

Get the ID number at the very top (on the URL)

In this example, it is 9. Now, go back to your GorillaDesk customer list and click edit. Then, place the number on the QuickBooks ID field, then hit SAVE.


The number will not show up real time. You will need to refresh the page for it to appear.

You will want to perform this for each customer until you’ve updated all of their QuickBooks IDs. 

Once you’ve finished adjusting the numbers for each customer, you can now sync your Invoices and Payments!

Navigate to Reports > All Invoices. Then, click on Batch Action > Sync to QB 


If you want to Sync Paid Invoices only, use the Reports > All Payments option. 

Navigate to Reports > All Payments. Then, Click on Batch Action > Sync to QB

If you do not want to sync them all, you can also sync them per invoice / payment by clicking the purple circle icon to sync. 

Once you’ve connected your GorillaDesk account to your Quickbooks Online account, you’ll have access to some QuickBooks sync power ups.

Tax Sync (power up): Automatically sync Tax into the QuickBooks account of your choosing.

Discount Sync (power up): Automatically sync discount into the QuickBooks account of your choosing.

  • Discounts/Refunds: Choose your QuickBooks account that you’d like to sync discounts/refunds to.

Stripe Sync (Power up): Automatically sync Stripe fees into the Quickbooks account of your choosing

  • Choose account to deposit payouts

  • Choose account to deposit payout fees and adjustments account.

Credit Sync (power up): Automatically Sync credits created in GorillaDesk into QuickBooks.

Important note:
Please turn off the “automatically apply credits’ option in your QuickBooks account to make sure that the GorillaDesk credit and QuickBooks records are the same.

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