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Start using Square with GorillaDesk

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​Getting Started: Connecting with Square

  1. First, log into your Square account on your desktop.Β 

  2. Then, go to your Gorilladesk account, Settings > Square, and click connect.

Congrats, you can now start accepting payments with Square.


Setting Up Square Mobile

To use Square with GorillaDesk you must have the Square app installed on your device as well.

IMPORTANT installation instructions:

  • After installing your Square app

  • Go to Settings > CheckOut > Signature and Receipt

  • Turn ON Skip Receipt Screen

Using Square in the field

1. Buy a credit card reader
2. Install the Square app and log in to your Square account
3. To set up your reader to your account, please follow this guide
or reach out to Square support center (This is their app and hardware, please reach out to Square if you are having trouble with this portion)
4. Once Square is set up, you can start collecting payments in GorillaDesk
(Provided that you have connected your Square account in your GorillaDesk account - Settings > Add ons > Square > Connect)
5. In the GorillaDesk Mobile app, open an invoice and click Add Payment
6. Choose payment method Square API
7. This will open your Square App, and will ask you to collect the money or scan the card.
8. Then on the confirmation page, Click NEW SALE which will bring you back to GorillaDesk.

Accept Payments Online | Square Support Center - US

9. GorillaDesk will automatically add the payment and update the invoice.

Current Version

With the current version, you can store credit cards on file from the desktop, and once activated, you'll also have access to a payment method called Square API.

Click here to learn how to add a credit card to a customer's account,


What are Square's Fees?

Square's rate is 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction for Card not Present CNP transactions. This applies to online payments and running a payment against a card saved on file.

Square's rate when accepting payments in the field using Square's hardware is 2.6% + 10 cents per transaction.


Which Square Card Readers are compatible and where can I get them?

There are two hardware options you can get directly from Square your GorillaDesk app is compatible with:

  1. Contactless Chip Reader $49 >> (note this package also includes an additional small Free reader as well)


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