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This article will walk you through importing your own customer list

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After signing up for a plan with us, our team can import your customer list free of charge. However, you most certainly can import your own list as well. Below is a video walking you through the import process

Please Note: If you plan on taking advantage of the QuickBooks Sync addon, DO NOT import your list with a starting balance.

Here are the available import fields:

  • Status (active / inactive)

  • Account #

  • Balance*

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Company

  • Top Note

  • Phone (Mobile)

  • Phone (Home)

  • Phone (Work)

  • Phone (Main)

  • Phone (Home Fax)

  • Phone (Work Fax)

  • Address Line 1

  • Address Line 2

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Location Notes

  • Billing Address Line 1

  • Billing Address Line 2

  • City (billing)

  • State (billing)

  • Zip (billing)

  • Alt First name

  • Alt Last name

  • Alt Email

  • Alt Phone (mobile)

  • Alt Phone (home)

  • Alt Phone (work)

  • Alt Phone (main)

  • Alt Phone (home fax)

  • Alt Phone (work fax)

At this time you can not import past service and payment history. You can import a starting balance.

If you choose to import your list yourself, please keep the following tips in mind:

  • For entries that have no customer name but have a company name, put the company name on the first name field also. (So first name and company name  fields are the same.)

  • If there is no first name but there is a last name, transfer it as first name since first name is a required field.

  • For entries that have no available name or company name, the system will automatically assign a name. (Ex. Customer 001, Customer 002)

The import function is found under the Customers tab and Action button. The final document must be saved as an excel CSV.

  • Navigate to Customers>Import>Download sample file (you can use this file as a reference when formatting your list)

  • Export your customer list as a .CSV from your previous software

  • Make sure your columns match the format of the columns in the sample file (or the corresponding fields listed above). For example, rather than having a 'Full Name or Customer Name' column in your import, you would need to have a 'First name' column and a 'Last name' column.

  • The same will apply to Billing and Service addresses

After formatting your list:

  • Log back in to your GorillaDesk account

  • Click 'Customers' at the top of the page

  • Click 'Import' in the upper left corner

  • Click 'Choose File'

Once you click 'Upload' you will need to match the headers with each of the corresponding columns.

  • If there is no information beneath a column, you can leave the header blank.

When you're finished click 'Import' in the upper right corner.

Note: The import may take a few minutes and you may need to refresh the page


Exporting data from RDF SPCS:

1.) Go to File > Export > Current Range and export to Excel

2.) If Excel is not an option then export to DBF

This will create a file called MERGE.DBF in your SPCS file directory. Open this file in Excel and it should have your complete current customer data to use for importing to GorillaDesk.

Exporting data from QuickBooks:

Go to Reports > Customers > Customer Detailed

Once the report is open there will be a Custom button to select even more fields. Here you can choose all the fields required for export.

Export all the selected fields to a .csv or .xls file type.

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