GorillaDesk's commission tracking provides a whole new way to level up your sales process.

Note: This feature is available on the Pro Plan. The setup is only available to Superadmin users, while the data is available to both Admin and Superadmin users.

This tool will allow you to assign a percentage or numerical value to each of your line items, specific to each user. Then, you can track these values with a few easy steps.

Here's how it works:

  • First, you will need to activate the commission tracking Add-on.

  • Once the Add-on is enabled, click on the menu option in the upper left corner of the calendar to expand the menu panel. 

  • Click on 'Commissions' to view the 'Data' and 'Setup' options.

  •  Use the toggle buttons on the left to select your team member(s).

  • Then, select the commission type and value for your specified line items.

  • Once you've established your settings, you can also apply those settings to another user, using the drop down menu below.

After completing the initial setup, you're ready to take a first look at your newly generated data. How exciting!

  • Click the 'Data' option to open up your report and set the parameters to best accommodate your workflow. 

You can choose from:

  • Date range

  • Commission type 

  • Staff

  • Invoice Status

  • Payment Method

The different variations of the report you can choose from are:

  • Standard

  • Excluding Tax

  • Excluding Discounts

  • Excluding tax and discounts

Once your parameters have been set, click 'Update' to view your results...and Voila!

After you've generated your results, you can click the options in the upper right corner to:

  • Export to .CSV

  • Export to Excel

  • Print your report

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