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Custom Documents
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  • This video is going to discuss our process for submitting a custom document and what to expect once it’s been integrated into your account.

  • Please note that the global forms in our document library can not be customized and cannot be changed without submitting a custom document request. 

  • If you need to integrate a custom/unique business document or make modifications to an existing document, please contact our support team. Please note that this is subject to development queue times.

Why would I want a Custom Document?

  • Our Custom document process was created to allow our users to implement their very own paperwork into their GorillaDesk account

  • Custom documents will allow you to completely streamline your document process without spending extra time printing and filling out your forms

  • No more time waiting to finalize your document process with the ability to send your documents to your customers by email along with the E-Signature capability.

What is the first step?

  • To begin this process, we will first need an annotated copy of your document. 

  • This should include how you would like each area arranged in addition to the preferred function for each field.

  • I.e. Checkboxes with selections, a drop-down menu, Static text, how many characters available for those fields etc.

  • Try to be as specific as possible in your annotated copy

  • To expedite the Process, It is recommended to have a separate PDF for the corresponding annotated copy.

  • Please send your annotated copy to the team via live chat or email your custom document to 

What are the limitations/capabilities of this custom document?

  • These custom documents have the ability to pull data from various fields of the customer’s account such as:

  • Company Name

  • Logo

  • Business License number

  • Website

  • Tech name

  • TechLicense Number

  • Email

  • Customer First/Last name

  • Billing Address

  • Service Address

  • Account number

For each additional field/area on your form, you will need to specify how you’d like those fields to function. Below are the primary capabilities of each field:

  • Blank field with the ability to type freely

  • Please specify how many characters you will need for each blank field

  • Typically, 300 characters is the limit per blank

  • Calendar Function

  • You will have the ability to choose a specific date of the service

  • A drop-down menu

  • Please specify which selections you would like to choose from 

  • Check Boxes

  • Please specify which selections you would like to choose from

  • 1 E-signature field

The following are some functions that are not available with custom documents:

  • Custom documents cannot pull data from invoices.

  • They cannot pull material data.

  • They cannot have if/and/or logic. Meaning, they can not be programmed to respond differently if certain options are selected or are not selected.

  • For example, if THIS option is selected, you will have THESE options available, BUT if you have something else selected, you will have different options available. That, unfortunately, is not possible. 

  • Fields can not auto-calculate based on numerical values entered in other fields. 

  • For example, if your custom document is a contract, your form cannot automatically add up the price from other areas on your form. 

  • You cannot have 2 E-signature fields

NOTE: As these documents are programmed differently from our Invoices, Work Orders, and Estimates, they are not able to pull Material and Device information from your other paperwork. It is also important to know that reports do not pull from these documents.

Below is a copy of an annotated BedBug Contract. Please use this as a guideline to reference when sending over your Custom Document:


Below is an example of some notes to go along with the corresponding fields on the annotated copy. 

NOTE: Please specify if you would like any verbiage changed and if so:

  • Which verbiage?

  • What would you like it changed to?

A: Please allow the following fields to pull from the customer’s account:

  • Service Date

  • Customer Name

  • Service Address

  • Billing Address

For the fields that cannot be pulled from the customer’s account such as ‘Structures Treated’ and ‘Home Phone’, please allow custom text to be entered into this field. 

B: Please allow custom text to be entered into these fields with a character limit of 150 characters.

C: I would like to have the ability to check the fields listed.

D: I would like the ability to sign in the field or email for E-sig for these fields. For the ‘Date’ fields, please allow this area to access a calendar where we can select the date.

E: I would like to have the ability to add custom text into these fields.

Once you have annotated your custom document, please open a chat with our support team and send over your form. You can chat with support by:

  • Clicking your avatar or icon in the upper right corner of your GorillaDesk account (Desktop)

  • Select ‘Chat with Support’

  • Add your file as an attachment

Please allow 3-4 weeks for your custom document to be complete. Our support team will reach out if they have any questions about your document.

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