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The customer merge feature allows you to merge multiple customer accounts together, creating one primary account with multiple sub-locations.

Note: All of the information from the merged accounts will carry over to the primary account except for the top note. Only the top note for the primary account will be saved.

Please be aware that once a customer's account has been merged, this cannot be undone.

1) First, you will need to open your customer list.

2) Select the customer accounts you'd like to merge by checking the box to the left of the customer's name.

3) In the upper left corner of your customer list, click Action then Merge Accounts.

4) Next, you will need to select which customer account will be the primary account then click Merge Accounts.

Note: Only the top note field for the primary account will be saved after merging.

5) Once complete, you will receive the following prompt letting you know the merge is successful.

6) From there, you can open the primary customer's account and see the other account's contact information, notes, invoice history, and job history has all been merged.

The service addresses from the merged accounts will be added as sub-locations on the primary account.

7) You can segment the primary customer account by location with the filter in the upper right corner. This is helpful when trying to find any notes or job details for a specific location.

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