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MDU (Multi-Dwelling Units)
MDU (Multi-Dwelling Units)
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MDU allows you to manage apartment complexes or commercial properties with multiple units easily.


First, you need to enable MDU under Addons > Multi-Unit Tracking.

Manage Units

Once MDU is enabled, you need to configure your buildings and units.

1. Open the customer's profile

2. Click the Locations tab

3. Click the location to which you'd like to configure its units

4. Click Manage Units

5. Add buildings, then add units

You can select each unit to add specific contact details and a top note.

6. Click Save

Creating a job with MDU

Once you have configured your units, you can return to your calendar to create a job.

Once you've created the job on your calendar, click the Units tab to service each unit.

Clicking Assign Units will allow you to assign and unassign units to that job.

You can also click Manage Units, to add additional units or buildings to that location.

You can select the building in the upper left, then select each unit within that building, below.

After selecting the unit, you can:

  • Check-in/out

  • Add a Top Note

  • Add Work Order notes

  • Add Job Notes

  • Add Materials

  • Client Signature


To display unit-level information on your invoices and work orders, you need to enable MDU Paperwork within Addons > Multi-Unit Tracking > MDU Paperwork.

You can send a work order by clicking the Send option within any unit, or by clicking Send on the Job Details tab of your job.

Below, is an example of how your Work Order will appear for your customers.

Below is an example of your unit-level information that will be displayed on your invoices.


The video below will discuss how to manage your units and assign them to a job from the mobile app.



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