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With GorillaDesk, while creating a new location or updating an existing location, you can select a billing and service address.

The Address-to location is the address you’re servicing. The Bill-to would be the customer or contact receiving the bill.

First, you will need to create a new contact for the individual you'd like to set as the Address-to or Bill-to.

To create a contact:

  • Open the customer's account

  • Click Edit Customer in the top right

  • Add Contact

To set a Bill-to and Address-to for your customers:

  • Go to the customer account

  • Click on the Locations tab

  • Open the location

  • Select the Address-to and Bill-to contact accordingly from the drop-down menus.

The Bill-to contact will display in the upper left of your invoice, while the Address-to contact will appear in the upper right.

You can also edit or add a new location from the customer's account on the mobile app.

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